The 52-Week
Life Passion Project

A Book of Weekly Lessons and Actions to Help You
Uncover and Live Your Life Passion

The 52-Week Life Passion Project is your weekly personal coaching session, leading you on the journey from the life you have now to the life you dream of living — a life that is . . .

This book is a gem. As you move through it, week after week, you become the project…” ~Katie Tallo

“…written with remarkable clarity, heartwarming honesty and delightful creativity, is critical for anyone who wants to live a life filled with passion.” ~Robin Easton

“…Barrie lays out a simple week-by-week plan that will bring more peace, contentment and focus into your life.” ~Alex Blackwell


  • more in alignment with the person you want to be
  • balanced and prioritized according to your values and desires
  • centered around purpose and meaning
  • successful — as you define success
  • exciting, energized, joyful, and passionate!

Each weekly lesson leads you on a journey of deeper self-awareness so that you gain more clarity on who you are, what you want in life, and how to go about getting it. Each lesson concludes with specific actions and assignments that you will complete during the week. The lessons and actions are designed to be followed sequentially so that you are working steadily toward uncovering your life passion and creating a realistic plan to live it in a way that works best for you and your life.

The lessons in the book represent the same techniques and self-discovery process I used in finding and living my own life passion and the work I conduct with personal coaching clients and in life passion workshops.

During the next 52 weeks , you will . . .

  • learn more about the impact of your childhood on life passion
  • examine the fears, limitations, and emotions getting in your way
  • understand more about your personality, intelligence type, and creativity
  • learn how to cultivate happiness and reconnect to joy and fun
  • define your values, purpose, and a vision for your life
  • find balance and learn to simplify to create space for your passion
  • define a new model for work, relationships, money, and lifestyle
  • examine, research, and test your strong interests and potential passions
  • create focus, support, and accountability as you take action
  • develop an actionable plan for making your passion part of your life
  • have a new, exciting, more passionate life this time next year!

And The 52-Week Life Passion Project Workbook will support your passion work as a personal journal for weekly actions, thoughts, and insights, with plenty of space for writing and brainstorming. This beautiful companion workbook prompts you with probing and insightful questions, leading you to deeper levels of self-awareness, thoughtful decision-making, and positive action. You will refer to your Workbook again and again, even after your passion work is completed.




Few things are as important as knowing your passion in life, and few people are as gifted at helping others discover their calling in life as Barrie Davenport. With her years of experience, breakthroughs and insights, and masterful Weekly Actions, discovering your true passion in life is finally within reach. Barrie has drawn the map. Now it’s up to you to follow where it leads.

~Jason Gracia, author of Motivated in Minutes,

The 52-Week Life Passion Project is the first step on an entirely new life’s journey— a life filled with passion and joy and accomplishment. It will help awaken your true inner self and rekindle your love for life. You owe it to yourself to read this book.

~Corbett Barr, entrepreneur and founder of

The 52-Week Life Passion Project is life changing and life affirming! Barrie is a brilliant writer who models beautifully how we can all tap into our passion and begin living our dreams. It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming. The weekly action steps will help you uncover your gifts so that you can start sharing them with the world! This book is a must have for anyone who is ready to embrace their life fully and who dares to make their dreams come true!

~Jodi Chapman, author of Soul Speak, the Soulful Journals series, and Coming Back to Life

Barrie’s book is a treasure trove of information to help you clarify, identify, and overcome your fears to start following your passions in life. The wonderful section on understanding yourself is a fantastic primer to realising your potential and finally take action to live your passion. It took me six years to find and follow my passion, and I consider myself very fortunate, this book will get you there much quicker. For anybody who has ever wanted to live life on their own terms, then you need this book.

~Steven Aitchison, Author of 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind

Barrie has a passion for passion like no one I’ve met. Her tools and approach actually helped me to solidify the impact I wanted to have on the world a few years back. This book digs down to a level on passion and purpose that most coaches simply aren’t willing to go, nor have the experience to effectively cover. Barrie asks the honest and surprising questions we never think to ask ourselves, which lead to the discoveries most of us have only dreamed of. I’m very grateful to have her in my corner!

~Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend and creator of How to Connect with Anyone

I’ve always believed that one of the causes of illness, discontent, and even depression is living life without passion. More to the point, we aren’t living our personal passion, the thing that makes us prick up our ears, lean forward in our seats and eagerly want to live. Barrie Davenport’s The 52-Week Life Passion Project, writes with remarkable clarity, heartwarming honesty and delightful creativity, is critical for anyone who wants to live a life filled with passion. This is not a dry “how to” book. This book is not only highly practical, but refreshingly inspirational. The reader senses that Barrie Davenport “walks her talk” and has actively been down road that leads to passion.

~Robin Easton, author of Naked in Eden

The 52-Week Life Passion Project includes a year’s worth of powerful, actionable exercises to help you discover and live your passion. It’s insightful, practical, and creative—a great tool for transformation and growth!

~Lori Deschene, Founder of and author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions

This book is a gem. As you move through it, week after week, you become the project. You answer questions—some not so easy, but I think that’s Barrie’s intention—to guide you towards your life passion, one challenging question at a time, so that you begin to truly understand where you are, how you got there and what might be holding you back from being somewhere else—somewhere that seems entirely reachable with Barrie’s book in hand.

~Katie Tallo, writer and filmmaker,

Barrie takes you on a step-by-step journey to living a life that brings you joy and passion. This well-written guide is easy to digest with weekly bite-size actions and reflections. In this guide, Barrie has prepared a way for your passion to simmer to the surface for you to grasp.

~Marci Payne, Licensed Professional Counselor, Liberating Choices

Discover your life’s passion in one year—that’s the promise made by Barrie Davenport, author of The 52-Week Life Passion Project. From defining success, to claiming balance to financial freedom, Barrie lays out a simple week-by-week plan that will bring more peace, contentment and focus into your life. The book is powerful in its ability to transform your life while discovering your life’s passion.

~Alex Blackwell, Founder of The

Barrie Davenport has crafted in The 52-Week Life Passion Project a book of empathetic, meaningful, and manageable life exercises. Each exercise leads to an express purpose and goal: to create a year dedicated to finding out and experiencing who we really are.  These fifty-two chapters, each thoughtfully and sensitively written, are a framework for living a passionate life. Coach Barrie asks us to take a journey towards our true selves, and to do the necessary homework to create our own passion footprint.  It’s in doing our own work that the true power of The 52-Week Life Passion Project is unleashed.  I recommend it highly.

~ Diana Baur, Author, Innkeeper, Potter